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Work as a Nurse In Canada
Today, Licensed Practical Nurses make up 39% of the nursing workforce and are regulated in Canada. Entry-level registration criteria include graduating with a diploma from an approved education program and passing the Entry to Practice Examination.We at Maple Crest Immigration Inc. make this complex application processes simplified for those seeking Immigrating to Canada as a nursing professional.

Minimum Requirement for the Process

Nurses in Canada are a highly regulated profession with minimum standards that must be met in order to ensure client safety and nursing competence. In order to be considered for immigration to Canada to practice as a nurse you must meet these standards through the application assessment process.

To qualify, at minimum, you must have:

Graduated from a nursing program outside of Canada
At least 1-2 yrs. of nursing experience
Current employment as a nurse
Never worked as a nurse in Canada
A minimum of CLB 6-7 on Language Proficiency (Academic)

The first step for international nurses wishing to immigrate to Canada to work as a nurse is to have their academic credentials and experience evaluated against Canadian nursing standards, and in the province they want to immigrate to. This assessment involves a complex, multi-step and detailed application and submission process.

Maple Crest Immigration Inc. is here to help you. We streamline the process and take care of you, so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – caring for others.

Our network of Canadian-trained nurses are involved in the process from the start, and together with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Maple Crest Immigration Inc. is in a unique position to offer you added benefits, such as:
-an in-depth review of your education, skills, and work experience prior to application assessment;
-licensing exam preparation tips and practice exams;
-resume development services to meet North American standards;
-assistance with employment searches with our associated recruitment agencies; and
-a tailored immigration plan unique to you and your family

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